Cyberpunk Ambient and Dialogue Sound Pack
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Cyberpunk themed ambient environment sounds: 232 unique sound waves forming 239 cues


Over 230 ambient sounds and vocalisations including looping rain, wind, and city layers for day and night, different densities of traffic, distant vehicle fly-bys, marketplace chatter, and other city and market sounds. Thunder, water drops, fountains, rustling bushes, and cooking sounds complete the pack. Includes five 8 minute tracks combining ambient and weather sounds.

167 modular character vocalisations: human, alien, droid

Modular character syllables based on Japanese hiragana allows you to create words and sentences from scratch and generate random syllable streams for a set number of syllables or a given period of time. Include spoken dialogue without needing actors! Includes deaths and injury exclamations.

Full asset list

Key Differences

The Epic Marketplace version comes with a demo map demonstrating how assets can be used in-game, as well as fully annotated Blueprints and sound cues. 

The Unity Asset Store and DriveThruRPG versions contain audio files only.