Cyberpunk City Sound Pack
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Sound effects pack for player characters, environment, weapons, user interface, and more!

Asset list for character footsteps and Foley; human, alien, and droid vocalizations; weapons; vehicles; interactives and consumables; ambients and weather; user interface.

625 unique sound effects, including looping ambient tracks and elemental vocalisations for dialogue


Includes looping assets for weather effects, engines, and ambient city sounds.

Clear file structure based on type - ambients, animals, character (with subfolders for footsteps, Foley, non-speaking voices, and speaking voices), consumables, weapon impacts, interactables, misc, vehicles, and weapons.


Vocalisation options for humans, aliens, holograms, and droids


167 unique sound waves for male / female humans and aliens, and droids! Combine to create the illusion of a unique language and build your own phrases!

Comprehensive Foley assets

67 unique sound effects for nylon, leather, metallics, mechanicals (e.g. droids, cyborgs), denim, holograms, and medical bots! Samples for walking, running, and stealth.

Key Differences

The Epic Marketplace version comes with a demo map demonstrating how assets can be used in-game, as well as fully annotated Blueprints and sound cues. 

The Unity Asset Store and DriveThruRPG versions contain audio files only.