Cyberpunk Weapons Sound Pack
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Cyberpunk-themed sound effects pack for weapons!

Projectile pistol, rifle and shotgun - with 3 variants and individual reload. Energy pistol, rifle, and shotgun - with 3 variants and individual reload. Projectile and energy travel sound.


Ammo casing sounds for bullets and cartridges. Short and long blade swings, sheathing and thrown blade effects.


Grenade throw, physics ding, charging, gas and EMP discharges, small/medium/large explosions, and debris. Pick up and drop sounds.

Separate heads and tails for full design control

Assets split into heads and tails so fully automatic fire is easily achieved and you gain more control over sounds.

Weapon interaction assets

Attachment effects for screwing, sliding, slotting, and removing. Weapon User Interface effects for target acquired, lock, confirmed, and cancelled. Zoom in and out effects (repeat this for desired duration).

Full asset list

Key Differences

The Epic Marketplace version comes with a demo map demonstrating how assets can be used in-game, as well as fully annotated Blueprints and sound cues. 

The Unity Asset Store and DriveThruRPG versions contain audio files only.