A large picture in space, with the edge of a Jupiter-like planet: huge, desert coloured, its surface boiling with gaseous activity. This is the link to the Alien: Isolation Sound Design series on YouTube.
A picture of a desert scene, with pink and purples hues in the sky. A monolithic pyramid is in the background, with Egyptian style pillars lining a wide avenue before it, in a nod to ancient temples. Above are thin tendrils; airborne traffic travelling overhead. In the middle ground, the Millennium Falcon is caught mid take-off, its read engines bright blue as it prepares to soar through the atmosphere and into space. This image is the link to Sound Design Tutorials in Unreal Engine 4.
A plainer image with a blue-white gradient. This is the link to the Sound Cue Nodes in Unreal Engine videos. In those videos, we look at what each node in the UE4 Sound Cue does and how we can use them effectively.
A black and white image with a blue tint. In the foreground and middle ground are simple recatngular blocks reminiscent of skyscrapers, surrounding a large courtyard. In the background is a huge minimalist cube. This image is for the Sound Packs sold by Valkyrie Sound, currently available on three platforms: Epic Marketplace, Unity Asset Store, and DriveThruRPG.com.